Mary is the auntie Mame of travel!
She’s smart, funny and full of heart. Plus, she knows how to create incredible experiences you’ll love!
— Eddie Ross & Jaithan Kochar, Founders of Maximalist studios
....If you are thinking of participating in one of Vagabonds Tour Groups, I am confident that you will have an experience like no other. Fun, friendship and
adventure awaits.
— Kim Hocking, Founder of KMH Interiors
Traveling with The Vagabond International, with Mary Baskin, is like adding your new best friends, places & experiences to your life! Laughs, love & wonderlust! Can’t beat it! #wordly wisdom #love #wonderlust #be yourself
#a sparkly human
— Mary Emmerling

I have been to France and England with Mary and I am going to Ireland in September. Her trips are very interactive and so unique. We do amazing things and she is so fun and enthusiastic- loads of antiquing and experiences I will long remember..
— Peggy Walrod, Duxbury Mass
A trip with Mary is a fun adventure. The facilities are wonderful and you really get to know the countryside! You really experience things you could not do independently. LOVED IT!
— Carolyn Wimberly, Houston Texas

I really believe I got to experience the true essence of Ireland, and if I could, I would go again and again, as many times as possible. Once you go, you can’t get enough.
— Mira Benthul, Wako Texas